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About Us

A young Israeli-based company develops a new therapy technology for rehabilitation following stroke and other neurological diseases or injuries. The device "Just Walk" offers a viable cost-effective solution for hospitalized and “Home Users” patients who suffer from neurological disorders.

The Product



Salute’s product can cover the entire continuum of rehabilitative care, starting at the inpatient hospital unit, progressing to the outpatient clinic and continuing at the patient's home. Salute’s product can be fitted to all patient sizes and support the lower extremities. The device is clipped onto a wearable belt. It can be clipped either to the right or left leg, depending on the injury, or to both legs at the same time. The resistive force can be easily adjusted by the patient.

A thin cord extends out from the device and is attached to a strap harness wrapped around the patient's foot. When the leg stretches towards the next step, the cord extends from the device and exerts a gentle continuous linear resistance. This requires a greater muscle work from the leg. When the leg swings up, the cord folds back into the device, assisting the leg to flex.


The Technology

Salute’s technology (patent pending) is designed especially for “Home user” patients. It is intuitive and user friendly for neurological and elderly patients. Salute’s device applies an adjustable linear resistive force throughout the full swing of the limb. This linear force
increases the proprioceptive feedback to the spinal cord and brain. Limb muscles receive an improved signal, resulting in a rapid improvement in the limb’s movement.


Salute Rehabilitation system

Step by step: Asaf Manor at TEDxHIT




“All day I walk with a cane, terrified that I may fall. With this wonderful device I stand straight, and have regained confidence in walking and in myself”

Lea, 85 yr, balance problem

“Salute helped me to lift my foot, go up and down stairs and improve my walking”

Shimon, 50 yr, Multiple Sclerosis



“I can envisage myself using this device throughout all stages of a patient’s rehabilitation”

Yoav Gimmon, M.Sci, PT

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Orly Bar, CEO

Mrs. Bar is the former CMO of NeuronixMedical, medical device for the treatment of Alzheimersdisease.
BA in Business Administration, years of experience with product development, production, product launch and management

Asaf Manor, Founder & VP Product

Entrepreneur, BSc biology, studying towards a degree in Physiotherapy

Bella Kuchuk, Clinical Manager

Physical therpist (BPT), Masters in Health Administration (MHA). Twelve years of clinical experience with various populations, three years experience in the medical device industry, in clinical R&D.

Shmuel Grinberg, System Engineer & QA Manager

B.Sc. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, several years of experience with medical device development and production.

Studying towards a Masters degree in Business Administration.


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